Chosen with care

We always situate ourselves with our students in mind. Covered walkways are a must as are nearby MRT stations and bus stops. We make sure that there are always great eats and convenient stores surround our vicinity before looking internally at our center’s layout.

Designed for leaning

Spacious study areas, excellent lighting and comfortable air-conditioning are the key focus of our design. Also, we believe in using technology, such as our in-class computers and projectors. To improve interaction, our class sizes are smaller as compared to other conventional centers. Also we have ample spaces for self-study so that students can head down to our center after school.


Our tutors are always available whenever our students have questions. Coupled with our friendly administrative staff, you can be sure that you’ll be able to attend your lessons on time. Should students not be able to make it, we offer to reschedule so that our students don’t miss out on their learning.